IdealDocs – this locally owned and operated powerful software tool to will assist with automating documents for assembly in Microsoft Word.  It provides a complete system that aids in the selection of the correct documents to generate, and then the full assembly of those documents using matter/transaction-specific data that covers an entire suite of documents. In a law firm (our most common style of client), typical suites of documents would be Vendor Conveyancing, Purchaser Conveyancing, Wills, and Retail Leasing. Each suite contains multiple documents that share information or “answers” throughout all of the documents within that suite. Via a set of software-driven interview questions or data entry windows, I-Deal Docs captures and stores the answers for all of the variables within the suite of documents, and then uses those answers to automatically generate the documents. It will fill in the document variables based upon the answers and will automate the removal or inclusion of conditional text. It is intended that your template administration person(s) would create the interview questions and setup the rules for the conditional text – all without the need for involving specialist programming staff.  The core data is saved into a prompt sheet which is reopened to generate other documents specific to the matter workflow.

IdealDocs also offers an electronic clause library in a central database, accessible through Microsoft Word which can be purchased as a stand alone module for frequently used clauses or text for insertion into your documents with a click of a button.  This means you will never need to hunt for examples of content used in previous documents or draft from scratch and you do not run the risk of inserting incorrect content into your new documents.

Whilst most of our clients are law firms, the software can be used by any organisation that creates repetitive matter or transaction-based documents.

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